Welcome to North West NAH Professionals

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm
  Contact : 0151 345 1070 or 07939106656

Northwest Nurses Alliance Healthcare Professionals

We welcome you to North West NAH Professionals LLP, a partnership of nurses in practice dedicated to meeting a variety of specialities.

General Nursing

We supply nurses to the NHS and private sector. Our nurses are experienced in all areas of general nursing. Whether its hospital, private hospitals, long term care in community institutions, private specialised one to one care in a patient’s own home, we have nurses with a wide scope of experience who are willing to provide their services in whatever environment you need them to.

Specialist Nurses

Our specialist nurses have experience in various specialities, including theatres, recovery, ITU, CICU, CCU, Dialysis, and Emergecny Nursing. Our recruitment of Advanced Nurse Practitioners is ongoing, and we will soon be supplying ENPs and ANPs to the NHS across the country.


Midwives are in short supplies in all areas of both in hospitals and community settings. Our midwives are experienced in their field and can cover both community and hospitals, wherever you need them the most.

Community Nursing

Our supply to the community has been constant and we provide a steady supply of nurses to nursing homes and community health care instituions. Both our planned shift work supply and our response to calls for last minute cover has been second to none, and the reliability of our staff has been exceptional. We are spreading our services across the country and as we do, we will soon be able to provide our community nursing services to nursing homes and domiciliary care settings nationally.

Medical Staffing

The recruitment of our doctors and medical staffing is underway, and will be the main source of locum doctors to the North West region and beyond.